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Conceptual Art Direction
Design Considerations

Scalable Innovation

The ability to scale the concept's WOW factor for flagship retail needs.


The ability to attract attention from smartphone zombies with the help of motion.

Fluid Window Layout

The ability to move visual elements to gracefully fill window spaces of varying dimensions.


The careful consideration of readability, sightlines, and natural light.

Mood Board
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01: Perpetual Motion

The idea of a strong, contemporary woman in perpetual motion,
expressed by mechanical movements.
01: Standard Windows
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01: Flagship Windows
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01: Flagship’s Interactive
Art Installation

Digital Innovation

This interactive art installation attracts attention while generating shareable social media content, marrying 1800’s vintage zoetrope technology with modern smartphone technology in a meaningful, symbiotic manner.

How it Works

The digital shutter speed of a smartphone’s video camera replaces the need for a zoetrope’s rotating slit viewfinder, pairing the old & new technologies together. Without the deliberate use of a smartphone camera, the stroboscopic animation will not be visible.

Call to Action

Watch & Share our hidden animation with your phone’s video camera! #SCULPTEK #ATHLETA


9 in 10 Americans own a smartphone, making the animated content highly accessible.

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02: Social Movement

The idea of inspiring women to conquer anything, sharing their
achievements through an interactive motion picture.


02: Standard Windows
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02: Flagship Windows
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