About Me.

Intense like dark chocolate or fine wine, that’s my style.
I believe no extraordinary brand is built by being vanilla.

Inspired by powerful rhetoric & provocative imagery

There is nothing more captivating in this world than opening up a magazine and running into a perfume ad which—in under 3 seconds—successfully delivers an idea of it’s scent with nothing but stimulating imagery & rhetoric. I am fascinated with fashion, beauty, luxury, and other experiential industries for their unique need for intense, highly-captivating customer experiences, minimalist yet powerful ad copy, provocative imagery, sophisticated typefaces, spacious layouts, and extraordinary packaging.

On every project I am involved in, I always aim at creating character—just like the long-lasting finishes of dark chocolate or fine wine, it’s the pleasing aftertaste left behind that sets my work apart from the competition.

Expertise in Art Direction

Over the past 8+ years I’ve developed my sensibility and expertise for creative storytelling and content creation for mid-tier & luxury brands. During the past three years, I’ve focused on freelance art direction for brands in the beauty, luxury, hospitality, and retail industries, allowing me to amplify many exciting brands while ideating and executing marketing creative.

Prior to freelancing, I was the Creative Director for Rain Cosmetics as well as Lyon Creative, where I had the opportunity to direct brand concepts and oversee creative teams across print, digital, interactive, and packaging.